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Get Your Priorities Right

‘I need to get my priorities right’ is what a client told me the other day.

She had been to see me a year or so ago for neck and shoulder problems and hadn’t been back.

Now, a year later and in more pain than when she first came to see me, she realised how important it was to look after her body.

There was also another year’s worth of tightness that needed to be broken down and released, effectively taking longer to achieve. But, hey, what do I know?

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I just bent over and now I can't move!!!!

Has this ever happened to you or maybe someone you know? One minute everything is ticking along fine, the next minute you are on the floor or bent in some awkward position, clutching your back crying out in pain something like 'MY BACK' or 'I CAN'T MOVE'. It seems so innocent and so out of the blue. All you did was simply do something that you've done hundreds of times before, except this time it has ended up with a very different outcome. What happened?

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