Back Pain Mistake #1


Back Pain Mistakes.jpg

This is probably the most common mistake I see people making.

You feel a twinge, or a pull in a muscle and it goes away, and you get on with your life.

A few weeks or months later you feel a similar twinge or pull in the same place or in a different area, it may go just as quickly as the last episode or it may hang around a bit longer.

It went away last time, so this won’t last long either

‘It went away last time so this won’t last long either’ you think. And in this instance, you may be right.

If it does stay around longer than usual you may visit your Doctor who tells you it’s just muscular, prescribes you with some anti inflammatories and tells you to take it easy for the next few days.

This usually helps (in the short term) and you’re back doing your usual activities.

Just remember, like I’ve written about in other blog posts, that just because the pain has gone that problem hasn’t necessarily gone. 

Just because the pain has gone doesn’t mean the problem has gone.

Another few months go by and you have another bout of pain again. Either in the same place or a different part of your body.

From my experience, this tends to happen on and off over a period of between 1 year to 10+ years.

I’ve treated a number of people who have been putting up with their ongoing pain for 10+ years until they finally can’t take it any longer or the pain has come to stay.

What’s more than likely happening is that there is still enough leeway in your muscular system that with a shortening or tightening of the muscles, your body can cope with it. Unfortunately, as we ‘mature’ (that’s right the ‘O’ word isn’t allowed) that leeway is used up and eventually the tight and shortened muscles have nowhere to get its strength and stability from so it pulls on a joint or the spine.

When that happens, there’s no ignoring it then.

So, the moral to this post is….. do something about your back pain, sciatica pain or muscle pain as soon as you feel it coming on.

Incorporating a maintenance treatment every month or 6 weeks is a great way to prevent this from even happening.

And, if it does, you’re able to get onto it straight away.