My Favourite Things

Below are my favorite products that I use every day.

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I cannot live with out these! I love them. I take them to bed with me, on road trips and on airplanes. They are a life saver for when I’m experiencing any kind of muscular pain. They are small and compact so you can pop them into your bag and literally use them anywhere and everywhere.

Liquid BioCell Collection.jpg

This stuff is amazing! No more aching in my lower back, no more clicking knees or cracking in my neck. I can’t recommend this liquid collagen highly enough. If you’re in pain you gotta try this.

Green Qi.PNG

Who wants more energy? Then you need to be using this amazing green powder that has 25 green and super food ingredients. It alkalizes, helps to protect again many illnesses and diseases, tops up any minerals and vitamins you may be missing out on and best of all it gives you ENERGY!!