Get Your Priorities Right


‘I need to get my priorities right’ is what a client told me the other day.

She had been to see me a year or so ago for neck and shoulder problems and hadn’t been back.

Now, a year later and in more pain than when she first came to see me, she realised how important it was to look after her body.

There was also another year’s worth of tightness that needed to be broken down and released, effectively taking longer to achieve. But, hey, what do I know, right?

She had been putting up with shoulder, neck and back pain for over a year but had been putting it off as she thought she couldn’t afford it. It obviously wasn’t a big enough priority for her at the time.

I explained the process our bodies go through as our muscles tighten and shorten, pulling on other muscles to get the movement they need. Eventually, if the pain is still there, cortisone injections will be suggested.

Unfortunately, cortisone injections aren’t always a quick fix. Often, they have little to no effect and can cost a small fortune. Besides, it’s a band aid fix for a much bigger problem.

If all else fails, surgery is then suggested as a last resort. Surgery is not a simple fix either. It costs a lot (a lot more than a few myotherapy treatments) and then there is the recovery time.

And to think that all this time, pain and money could have been avoided by taking the time to look after her body and give it the maintenance it needs.

 We tell ourselves so often that ‘I don’t have the time’ or ‘I don’t have the money’ and yet when we are experiencing intense pain we somehow always find the time and the money to pay for it.

If you don’t have the time now to look after your body, eventually you will have all the time in the world to wish that you did take the time to look after yourself.

Make yourself a priority.