5 Uses And Benefits of Activated Charcoal


I went to our local Hand Made Markets today and bought 2 pairs of earrings and with it came a small tub of activated charcoal to clean your teeth with.


Who knows but it was a deal I wasn’t going to pass up.. She also had photos of before and after shots of others who had used the activated charcoal and the difference it made to their teeth.

So, being the curious one that I am, went home and cleaned my teeth with activated charcoal.

You only need a small amount and brush your teeth the same way as you would with toothpaste.

Apart from looking like something from a horror movie and being a bit messy (don’t worry it cleans up easily) I was amazed at how good my mouth, teeth and gums felt. It felt so much fresher and cleaner. Oh, just a warning, you will most likely have to wash your mouth out several times to remove any charcoal residue. Just make sure you check before you go out in public:)


This got me to doing some research into the benefits of activated charcoal and this is what I found.

What Is Activated Charcoal?

Ok, so please don’t use the charcoal left over from your BBQ as it is not the same. It is actually filled with toxic material so you want to avoid that.

According to Dr Mercola, activated charcoal is a byproduct of wood, peat or coconut shells, and is made after being heated along with a gas that assists with opening various "pores" in the coal. (2)

The finished product is a tasteless and odorless powder that may have either positive or negative charges, depending on the pH level of the solution used to create the powder. Activated charcoal powder is very porous, and once activated, the porosity rises, allowing it to efficiently absorb more substances.

What Is Activated Charcoal Used For?

Activated charcoal is a natural treatment that is used to absorb toxins and chemicals in the body allowing them to be flushed out so the body doesn’t reabsorb them again. (1)

It is most commonly linked with the ingestion of poisonous substances. It can potentially save a person’s life before you can get them to medical treatment.

Other ways to use activated charcoal is as a full body detox. Please remember to always seek medical advice before starting any kind of detox treatment.

How Should I Take Activated Charcoal?

You can find activated charcoal tablets or pills in your health food store of chemist (pharmacy). Once again, please check with your Doctor or health professional before taking any supplements as some can interfere with prescribed medications.

Benefits of Using Activated Charcoal

  1. Whitens Teeth- activated charcoal can help whiten teeth while promoting good oral health by changing the PH balance in your mouth, helps to prevent cavities, bad breath and gum disease.

  2. Alleviates gas and bloating- Activated charcoal may be useful for people dealing with bloating, diarrhea and other gastro-intestinal issues as it can bind with gas-causing byproducts in foods.

  3. Skin care- Research has found that activated charcoal can help draw microparticles, such as dirt, dust, chemicals, toxins, and bacteria, to the surface of the skin, to make removing them easier.

  4. Mold Cleansing- This isn’t the type of mold you find growing on your walls or ceiling. Surprisingly mold can grow internally as well which can lead to a wide range of symptoms such as depression, fatigue, brain fog, memory loss, kidney and liver failure, eye irritations, vomiting and impaired immune system function

  5. Emergency Toxin Removal- One of the most common activated charcoal uses is to remove toxin and chemicals in the event of ingestion. Most organic compounds, pesticides, mercury, fertilizer and bleach bind to activated charcoal’s surface, allowing for quicker elimination, while preventing the absorption in the body.

Activated Charcoal Side Effects

For the uses mentioned above, activated charcoal is generally safe to use. However, it is always good practice to speak to your Doctor or health professional before starting on any new supplements. This is especially the case if you have a know illness or disease.

Additionally, activated charcoal can interfere with the absorption of nutrients, vitamins and other supplements.as well as prescription medication. It is advised to take activated charcoal up to 90mins before meals, supplements or prescription medication.

Where To Buy Activated Charcoal?

From teeth whitening to pore cleansing, you need to get your hands on Activated Charcoal!


This Charcoal Teeth Whitener by Warpaint is designed to whiten and clean your teeth. Crafted from Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal, Australian (edible) Calcium Bentonite Clay and Peppermint.

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Pure Eden's Activated Charcoal is powerfully detoxifying and has been created to aid a wide range ailments. This product which has been used for many years by alternative health practitioners is ideal for those seeking an easy and effective cleanse, as well as those looking to boost their overall wellness.

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The Life Basics Activated Charcoal Body Soap combines 100% vegan ingredients into one decadent, nourishing soap bar. Known for its deeply purifying properties, Activated Coconut Charcoal cleanses the skin by removing dirt and absorbing impurities.

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