Guest Post- The Lesser Known Benefits of Magnesium Chloride Flakes on Human Skin

The Lesser Known Benefits of Magnesium Chloride Flakes on Human Skin


Magnesium is one of the most abundantly found mineral in our body and it regulates more than 300 biochemical reactions of the body but are you aware of the fact that close to 80% of the people are found to be magnesium deficient? Magnesium is hard to absorb by the body through oral consumption but we have a solution to it, our skin is one of the biggest organs of our body and it has an incredible capability to absorb nutrients. People from all over the world have started understanding the importance of magnesium and therapy with Magnesium chloride flakes in Australia has been catching popularity at a fast pace now.

Why is Magnesium deficiency getting common?


Some experts also suggest that deficiency of magnesium is one of the most widely spread diseases all over the world, due to the change in lifestyle and environment. Here are some of the common reasons for depleting level of magnesium.

Worsened soil condition: we humans have exploited our planet earth and with the intention to grow more food, farmers are using more pesticides and chemicals while farming. Extensive use of chemicals and pesticides has reduces the magnesium composition of soil, this reduced the composition of magnesium from the food we consume.

Filtered water: water pollution is on the all-time high and we are relying on highly purified water, but are you aware of the fact that most of the filtered water we are consuming lacks vital minerals and vitamins (including magnesium).

Caffeine and sugar: Caffeine and sugar work as an insulator to deplete the body’s magnesium level, so if you are someone who requires at least 2-3 cups of coffee daily then you should start worrying about magnesium levels.  

The role of Magnesium in getting a flawless skin tone


Skin is the biggest organ of the body and it has amazing ability to absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins from the body, that’s the reason people have been including magnesium flake baths on regular basis. Here are some of the benefits of Magnesium chloride flakes on the skin.

Dislodge dead skin: One of the most common usages of Magnesium chloride flakes is for scrubbing, take 2 teaspoons of magnesium and mix it with olive oil, now gently massage the mixture on the wet skin to remove all the dirt and dead skin from the body. 

Exfoliating skin cleanser: Magnesium chloride helps in achieving soft skin and if mixed with the cleanser it can work wonders as a skin softener and glowing skin.

Removes blackheads: Add a tablespoon of Magnesium salt with three drops of iodine and apply it on the blackheads.

Removes blackheads: Add a tablespoon of Magnesium salt with three drops of iodine and apply it on the blackheads.

Soothes the sunburn: Are you suffering from the sunburn or rashes due to overexposure to the sun? Then ease the pain with magnesium. Mix 2 cup of magnesium chloride flakes in warm water and soak your whole body in it for 15-20 minutes. It also helps to relieve muscle sourness.

Soften feet: De-flake the tips of your feet with the exfoliating effects of magnesium and it will also help you cure feet odor. Mix a half cup of magnesium chloride flake in the tub of warm water and soak your feet for 15 minutes and scrub your feet to get the soft and odorless feet.

Healthy and smooth skin: A lot of us suffer from the skin dryness especially in winters; my favorite ritual to fight dry skin is to have a magnesium bath on regular basis. Add 2 cup of magnesium flakes and a half cup of Pink Himalayan salt in the bathtub with few drops of coconut oil (for extra moisturization). 

Magnesium works wonders to develop healthy and smoother skin, it helps you clear the dead skin and moisturize it, ease the tension in the skin, cures rashes and redness.

Magnesium chloride flakes bath relieves stress and anxiety - cut down on acne

Well, we are all aware of the fact that stress causes acne and wrinkles, and stress is one of the most primary reasons for premature aging. Magnesium chloride works wonders in eliminating the stress and providing full body and muscle relaxation. Here are the following benefits of bathing with the magnesium flakes:

  • Stress relief

  • Muscular pain

  • Hormonal balance

  • Better sleep

  • Improved digestion

  • Improved insulin sensitivity

  • Fights all kind of skin problems like rashes, redness, bruises

It’s no-brainer to say that if a single product can eliminate a vast variety of problems, then it will surely help directly or indirectly in the elimination of stress, anxiety, fatigue and will make you perform well in life.

Transdermal application of Magnesium goes a long way for the skin as compared to the oral route

As we have already discussed the importance of magnesium, and its effects on the body, now you must be planning to have your first magnesium bath asap but before that let me tell you another good news. Transdermal magnesium chloride oils are available in the market with same benefits but they are much easy to use.

Having magnesium salt bath for once or twice a week is good but you can also stock up transdermal magnesium oil to relieve muscle sourness, cramps or skin rashes. You can apply the magnesium oil on the affected area before you sleep so that your body gets optimum time to heal itself.

Bev Bishop