The LIVE CLEAN Company

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If you've been taking any notice of late, you will most likely have seen or heard the commotion that toxic ingredients are making in the household, personal care and cosmetics arena.

Many studies have been done that show how the use of toxic chemicals are on the increase with many of them being used in industrial and commercial industries as well as being linked to harmful irritants and causing disease.

So, if you're wanting to make some positive changes in the everyday products you use and don't have time to make your own, then can I suggest you take a moment to read the rest Of this blog.

Allow Me To Introduce MODERE

Modere are passionate about turning your everyday moments with essential products into an experience.

Modere are proud to create safer, effective and stylish essential products across everyday areas of your life including personal care, health and wellness and the home.

Modere’s standards are high; continually improving and perfecting, to help them achieve their goal - a better world and a better you.

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What The Company Is About

Modere want to do their bit to take care of the environment while taking care of you.

They do this by creating smart, effective, safer products that are ethical, sustainable and with low environmental impact.

Customers can rest assured each product is vigorously tested to meet Modere’s high safety standards and follow a simply company philosophy – if it doesn’t meet our standards of safety, it will never be part of our mix.

Operating for over 25 years, you can feel confident about any product that wears the Modere clean-label.

Safe Products

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Modere is committed to their passion of providing safer, effective products that are created with a conscious mind.

Modere want to give you a product you can feel good about (and will also make you feel good too!).

When you choose Modere, you are choosing a clean-label product that helps to remove unnecessary toxic ingredients from you, your home and your everyday life.

Their passion runs deeper than just their products.

Modere have launched a LIVE clean campaign – a contagious campaign of change, with their mission to create 10 million healthy home around the planet.

Will you join the live clean tribe?


Modere product range is extensive.

And it’s continually growing and improving. Enjoy everyday essential products that are safer, effective and stylish.

Personal Care                                      Body

Hair Care                                             Household Products

Health & wellness                               Makeup  

Skin Care                                            Sun Care                       

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PERKS Of Shopping With MODERE

Who doesn’t like to be rewarded just for doing a bit of online shopping?

Modere customers earn 1 point for every dollar spent on Modere products.

These points can be redeemed for shopping credits, product deals, gifts with purchase, product of the month deals plus much more!

All you need to do is create a customer account, shop and redeem the perks! Well, ok. If I must!

How To Buy

Just like their products, Modere make their online shop as simple and seamless as possible.

Never purchased online before?

No problem. You can easily browse via catalogue, product category, or even search for an individual item to find the right product for you.

The hardest part is deciding what product to choose!

The quality product images and in-depth product descriptions lets you make an educated choice before adding to your cart.

Change your mind, or want to add more items to your cart?

Modere’s online shop makes it easy to navigate back and forward through the products to add, edit or delete items, leaving you very satisfied with your online shopping experience and stalking the postie excited for your Modere delivery to arrive.

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Get Rewarded For Sharing

How does $10 off your order sound?

Pretty good right. Well it gets better.

By spreading the word and sharing Modere with your family or friends, BOTH of you get $10 off your order!


And it’s super easy, simply email the link or do it via the Modere app.