Super Gentle, Green + 'Smart' Laundry Powder


Today, as more and more people think about the environment and the way they wash and protect their clothes, they are looking for ways to do it by using safer products in their laundry.

Everything that goes down the drain can affect the waterways, and so it pays to look for safer alternatives

Laundry powder may not usually be something to rave about . . . but when it's a Modere product - things are different! This is a product that many users swear by!

You will be glad to know that the Modere Laundry Powder (and all their Laundry products) are biodegradable.

It has a sun protection agent to reduce fading, so your clothes look great for longer. It's ‘tough on dirt, gentle on fabrics’. It's loaded with powerful ingredients that don't build up in clothes and are safe for you and the environment!

The Laundry Powder is a powder with super powers – cleans your clothes, protects from fading and is gentle on the environment. It is versatile enough to use on most clothing and are effective in removing even the most stubborn stains. and low suds formula. Your clothes stay as fresh as the outdoors and are luxuriously soft


Your dull pile of dirty laundry has met its match. A low sudsing formula, suitable for front and top loading machines, Modere’s laundry products create a tornado of cleaning power in your washer, uprooting dirt and whisking it away


Formulated especially for Australian conditions with a sun protection agent to reduce fading and keep your clothes looking great for longer. This ‘tough on dirt - gentle on fabrics’ formula effectively takes care of your family, your clothes, your washing machine and the environment.


This potent powder is packed with intense cleaning power. Concentrated formula: One scoop in every load dissolves stains, dislodges dirt, and removes odours. Combined oxygen and photochemical agents provide ongoing stain removing power. It’s concentrated formula is packed with anti-greying agents, protease enzymes and an oxygen bleach to remove tough protein, grease and fatty based stains, while whitening and brightening colours.


Modere’s Laundry Powder is so effective, its stain-removing power continues even while your clothes are on the line! This power attacks stains during washing and keeps working while your clothes dry - now that’s a first!


The ‘Rolls Royce’ of washing powders with it’s added SPF sun protection factors that guard against the bleaching that usually occurs from the harsh Australian sun, Modere’s Laundry Powder concentrate is designed to keep brightening while reducing any fading of your clothes on the clothes line.



The low suds formula makes it suitable for use in both top and front loading washing machines and gives added protection without the corrosive effects of fillers. At the end of the wash cycle, you get clean clothes without soap residue. It’s low sudsing formula contains rapidly biodegradable surfactants that are gentle on your clothes and the environment.


It keeps clothes sparkling clean and white, but also keep your washing machine agitator and bowl sparkling clean and the corrosion inhibitor protects your washing machine making it last years longer. What a saving!


Builders effectively soften the water. If a Laundry Detergent cannot sufficiently perform in ‘hard’ water conditions, often ‘greying’ of the whites and ‘dulling’ of colours results. Modere’s Laundry Powder performs exceptionally well in hard water without the use of phosphates.


Modere’s Laundry Powder contains an oxygen agent that works directly on stubborn stains. Gentle on fabric and skin, and safe to use on colours, it breaks down to oxygen and water without producing the toxic byproducts created by chlorine bleach


Enzymes are naturally occurring chemical catalysts that break down organic stains like fat, protein, starch and polysaccharides.


The anti-redeposition agent is a natural plant ingredient which prevents fine soil particles from attaching to the fabric, instead allowing them to rinse freely out of the wash.


Modere’s Laundry Powder is readily and rapidly biodegradable, whilst still being gentle on you, your clothes as well as the environment. It is also suitable for septic systems using anaerobic bacteria as well as grey water recycling. This ‘tough on dirt gentle on fabrics’ formula effectively takes care of your family, your clothes and the environment.


Modere’s Laundry Powder includes an anti-ingestion agent to discourage children and pets from ingesting the product. This concentrated formula is 100% power-packed with optical brighteners, anti-greying agents, a range of enzymes to remove tough protein, grease and fatty based stains. It also whitens and brightens colours to achieve great looking fabric that lasts and lasts.

Check out these amazing user success stories with Modere Laundry Powder!


"The Modere Laundry Powder is great! I have a daughter with very sensitive skin. She has had no rashes since we started using it. We have a front loading machine so it doesn’t need so much powder. Last box lasted us one year! I also use a diluted spray of Bubble Bath to spray on smelly under garments, socks etc of my teenagers before I wash them."


"My whites are whiter than they have ever been, and red food colouring on a white shirt, who would have thought . . . but just in a cold wash and a tiny amount it all came out!"

"My husband is a mechanic and the Laundry Powder removed the grease and grime from his clothes easily! It keeps your clothes sparkling clean and white, but also keep your washing machine sparkling clean inside. My washing machine is now 8 years old and working perfectly. By the way, I wash in cold water, and hardly ever put a hot wash through, and never have to use more than half a scoop of Laundry Powder, no matter how big or dirty the wash."

"Wow, my clothes came out so clean with such a tiny amount. I have two young children in daycare who come home filthy, and this soap powder is the first I've used that actually gets their clothes clean. I highly recommend this product."

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