2019 Is My Best Year Yet + FREEBIE!!!!

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12 years ago if you had have told me that the simple act of writing an affirmation and sticking it on my fridge would have had such a profound impact on my life I most likely would have scoffed, said something sarcastic and written you off as some kind of  weird freak who doesn’t live in the real world. 

Fast forward 12 years and I have become that person who believes that you really can change your life by the words you say and the thoughts you think. 

Funny how you can do a complete 360 without really knowing it:)

Now, this is where I need to stress that IT DOESN’T HAPPEN OVER NIGHT!!! In fact it doesn’t happen over a week, month or even 6 months. 

That’s where I went wrong for so many years- thinking that if I thought positive for a few minutes a day then my whole life would change. 

Sounds totally crazy now that I'm saying it out load, but it’s true. I actually believed that if I thought positive once or twice then everything would change.

But it never:(

Probably 8 out of those 12 years I spent going round and round in circles.

Doing the odd affirmation here or there, thinking something positive every couple of weeks and then getting terribly disappointed that it never changed anything in my life. 

 Can you relate? 

2016 and 2017 were two of the toughest years Kris (my partner)and I had together. The coal mining boom (in QLD, Australia) had suddenly come to an end and both Kris’ building work and my massage work had dropped dramatically.  

We were part way through building our house together and suddenly we were at a point where we had no money.

That is probably one of the scariest things I think I have had to face.

Bills were coming in, actually flooding in would be more like it.

Debt collectors were calling .

Each month was a struggle to pay the mortgage and rent

The end of 2017 I decided that I’d had enough of life the way it was and something had to change. The last few years had been tough financially for myself and my partner Kris as we had started building our house together and then the Australian Mining boom came to a sudden halt. 

Both our businesses went from thriving to barely surviving almost overnight. 

It was pretty scary and there were many tears (on my part) and lots of worry and stress. 

That’s when I decided to do something different. 

I printed out an affirmation and put it on the fridge. 

‘2018 is our best year yet’ 


To be honest, I never believed it and I could tell that Kris didn’t either.  

 But, hey I was doing something, wasn’t I?


Every morning at breakfast we would see it and say to each other ‘2018 is our best year yet’ 

The same through out the day and of an evening at dinner.  

 Sometimes we’d even make fun of it and say the affirmation in silly voices. 

Either way, we were focusing on 2018 becoming our best year. 

About the end of October 2018 Kris said to me one day ‘you know that affirmation you put on the fridge? Well, when you first put it up I thought you were insane and that there was no way it would have any affect on us.  But, I have to admit that it really has been our best year’.

I had to agree, 2018 really has been our best year together. Coincidence? Maybe.

I’m putting it down to the case of- what you focus on grows.

 Either way, I’m not stopping there.

 This year I have put another post on our fridge that says ‘2019 is our year to flourish, thrive and loose weight’ (we both have a bit of weight to lose 😊)

 Forget about New Years resolutions. How many of them have you made and by half way through Jan they are long forgotten about?

 Try making an intention for the year instead.

Put it somewhere that you will see it everyday, multiple times a day even better.

Don’t worry about how it will happen. That’s not your business.

Your business is to believe your intention will happen no matter what.

So, I’ve got a little something for you- a printable you can download so you can make 2019 your best year yet.

Oh, and I’ve discovered that I like coloring in. It’s a great way to relax, de-stress and it really helps you to take in the positive message.

You can download the printable here.

Color-in Printable-first_draft.jpg

Have fun coloring it in. Put it somewhere you will see it regularly and watch what happens:)

xo Beverley