What Is Social Marketing + How Can It Benefit You?


Right now we are undergoing one of the most significant changes in retail of our time. 

During the last 10-15 years online shopping has blitzed regular brick and mortar shopping. 

Today, brands are really driven by people actually talking to each other. 

When was the last time you referred a friend to a product or service?

When was the last time you stayed at a hotel or bought a product online where you didn't read a product review or write one or talk to your friends or refer your friends to a product or service you have found? 


Brands have had to change the way the communicate.

Shopping has become very social and technology has enabled us to communicate with each other and because of that brands have had to change the way they communicate. 

Brands like Uber have emerged out of nowhere and changed the way we hail a taxi cab. They have achieved significant growth by consumers having a great experience and telling others about their experience using a simple code. 


While brands like Netflix has completely changed the way we watch movies and television. We used to go to a video store, now we purchase or hire movies online. 

Brands are driven by people talking to each other.

Today, brands are really driven by people talking to each other. It's what we're saying to each other about the brand is what the brand is really about. In fact, we believe so strongly in this model that we feel it's pioneering a new industry called Social Retail 


It's simple. Shopping for products you need in your everyday life that are powered by people. 

If you're into clean label products, safe, non-toxic products for things you put in and on your body and around your home, they can be quite difficult to find and can often be very expensive. 

Modere is built upon a broard product set of true, authentic and tested formulas that are safe, clean labelled and non-toxic. 


It's one of the fastest online retail brands and an ecommerce platform powered by everyday people just like you and me. 

People around the world are transforming the way they shop.

People around the world are transforming the way they shop, what they buy and what they are putting on their bodies and using healthier alternatives for the products they use everyday. 

We actually create a system for people to succeed in that environment using mobile technology, great training tools and our sophisticated technology to communicate with our customers to get that passion and to refer their friends and get them coming back to re-order products. 



By telling their friends and their friends we've created a real opportunity for people to earn part time or full time income as a Social Marketer – a passionate promoter of a brand they love based on products people need. 

That creates a very unique business model and brand story and an awesome business opportunity for you. 


Our safety, the way we source our ingredients, they way we package our products, the way we test and formulate our products and distribute our products are at a higher standard . 

Our passion is to help others both through our products as well as our unique business opportunity called social retail 

Our mission is simple- to live clean, to shop smarter and to help others. 

We invite you to join us