Why You Absolutely Must Take A Mineral Supplement



Let's talk minerals.

You've probably heard about them and that we need our vitamins and minerals to stay healthy, but do you know what they are and what they actually do for our health?

Every organism needs dietary minerals to ensure healthy living and support the function of vital processes. Our bodies cannot produce these chemical elements, and must therefore acquire them through dietary intake. We need minerals in order for our body to do many of its bio-chemical reactions such as energy, hair growth and our health, etc.

Our Bodies Cannot Manufacture minerals or Trace Elements

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of good health. Although the body can manufacture some vitamins it cannot manufacture minerals or trace elements. When the body is unable toproduce the nutrients, minerals and trace elements it requires to ensure proper functioning , the long term effects may affect general well being or lead to conditions associated with inadequate nutrition.

What Do Minerals Do Exactly?

So, we know that minerals are necessary for our bodies to function at a optimal level of health and vitality. But, what do they actually do?

Here's just a few things that minerals offer us:

  • stamina and energy
  • support metabolic function
  • support cardiovascular function
  • support brain function
  • critical for enzyme production and cell division

Types of Minerals and What They Do

  • Magnesium- enzymes require magnesium ions to perform the basic nucleic acid function for all life chemistry.
  • Iodine: supports thyroid health
  • Copper: supports skin health, immune health, and blood pressure. Copper deficiencies can result in blood disorders, infections, osteoporosis, hypothyroidism and abnormal glucose.
  • Selenium: an essential element used in chemical processes throughout the body.
  • Zinc: an antioxidant that helps speed the healing process after injury and provides immune function support.
  • Potassium: an electrolyte that supports proper muscular function.
  • Iron: required by the blood to create hemoglobin.
  • Manganese: a trace mineral required for all living organisms, mainly stored in the bones, but some found in the liver and kidneys.

How Do Our Bodies Get Minerals?

Our main link with minerals is through a diet of plants which are able to extract necessary minerals from the soil as they grow. However, modern farming and agriculture practices are leaving our soils stripped of vital minerals.

Studies have shown that the nutrients in our food have declined over the past 20 years so we'd actually have to eat MORE in order to get the same amount of nutrients.

Dr Peter Dingle goes as far as to say that 'Most people should be taking supplements because eating a balanced diet all of the time and absorbing the required nutrients all of the time are almost impossible for people throughout the world.'

I believe so many of us are lacking in minerals as we simply don’t have the minerals in the soils anymore so as a result we need to supplement

The Solution

So, this is all well and good, but how do you increase your mineral intake and where do you get such high quality, mineral rich supplements? 

That's a very good question. You could try eating truck loads of green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, however it would be virtually impossible to consistently eat the right combinations of foods to get enough nutrients.

Mineral Drink.PNG

Let me introduce you to my 'Secret Weapon.'

Modere's Natural Mineral Drink

This is my 'Go-To' energy drink. I can't live without it. I've been taking it for about 7 years now and it not only packs an energy punch it is also fantastic for strengthening the immune system and all over general health.  On days where I forget to take it I feel more sluggish and really struggle to get through the day.

What Is Natural Mineral Drink?

Natural mineral drink is a naturally occurring drink containing a multitude of minerals to assist normal bodily functions and supports our modern lifestyles. Natural Mineral Drink's active ingredients are sourced from the unique Neydharting Moor in the Austrian Alps.

The 'Alpine Moor Biomass' is the result of a complex biological process, uninterrupted since the last ice-age, where the hundreds of various types of herbs which flourish along the Austrian alpine lakes are washed into the moor long pristine  streams. 

This plant material combines with the minerals with the minerals deposited onto the lake floor over millions of years to produce the rich natural mix of minerals and trace elements you'll find in Natural Mineral Drink.

Modern life can be busy. That’s why Modere Mineral Solutions brings together essential minerals and vitamins in every 15 mL serving. As a daily supplement, it helps provide a broad range of vitamins and minerals that may be missing from modern diets and it is a simple and effective way to include plant derived phytonutrients in your daily life.

Have you tried Modere's Natural Mineral Drink? If so, I'd love to hear your story and testimonials you have.


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