40 Free Essential Oil Coloring Pages (3).png

 Looking for an easy and cost effective way to relax and unwind? Essentials oils can be an awesome way to relax but what about coloring in? Now, there’s a double bonus- essential oils + coloring in!!

Coloring isn’t just for children. Many of us adults are discovering the therapeutic benefits of a good coloring session as well. Just have a look at the variety of adult coloring books available now.

In any given day, we all go through so many different emotions, both negative and positive. Essential oils have such powerful abilities to not only help us relax and unwind, they are also fantastic to uplift, help manage PMS, manage moods, relieve pain, repel bugs and insects as well as beneficial in cleaning.

There are 40 essential oil coloring pages for you. Each page has a different (no two are the same) mandala with an essential oil name and it’s botanical name in the middle. Underneath is a list of the oils benefits, other oils it blends well with and some suggested uses.

Even if you are not a creative person (like me), these essential oil mandala coloring pages look amazing when completed!

Click Here to download 40 EO Coloring Pages